The renowned kathak dancers, Ishira Parikh & Maulik Shah stand apart amongst the foremost classical dancers of India not only for their exceptional command & authority over their medium; but also for their innovative approach in presentation. They embody the new spirit in the field of Indian Classical dance. Even though both are virtuous dancers in their own right, together they create unique fusion of complementary artistic vision. Their achievements have won them numerous prestigious awards like the “Sringarmani” award by Sursinger Samsad and “Navdeep” award by Navdeep Pratishthan.

Not only as dancers, but also as choreographers, they have displayed their creative excellence. Their choreographic endeavor reflect the synthesis of highest level of sensitivity and intelligence. They have achieved their subtle balance of innovative ideas and traditional forms in their choreographic. They have attracted newer & larger audiences to kathak dance through their productions. More than 25 shows of their production “Nar Nari” is ample proof.

Maulik and Ishira have performed at many reputed events and in various festival throughout India; They have been cultural ambassadors to as many as 30 countries around the world. Both Ishira and Maulk are designated by the India Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) new Delhi as artists of outstanding category.

They both are "TOP" Grade artists on “Door Darshan” India. Central Production Center (CPC) New Delhi has recorded their production “Roopmati Bazbahadur” for nation wide telecast.

Ishira’s inherent literary ability enables her to create poetry, songs, and narrative scripts for choreographic composition. She is invited regularly to conduct kathak appreciation appreciation course at School of Architecture, Ahmedabad & by the department of Gujarat Tourism.

In 1995 they established a school of kathak dance ‘anart’. They have undertake the task of moulding the younger talent of the country for the professional stage of classical dance with dedication. Students of anart are spread as far as in Canada and U.S.A. anart is taking the shape of “Gurukul” where advanced students spent a major part of their daily routine with their teachers.

Ishira Parikh - Maulik Shah are two of the most recognized & established kathak dancers and choreographers of this generation.

A part from working within the format of the classical dance style they have paved a way for innovative themes, approach & treatment to filter into the style and that has widened their horizon.

They were sent to china by the Cultural Dept. of India to perform for the Asian Games when there was only one group to be selected.

They feature in the audio visual made on the kathak dance which is regularly shown in the moghul section of “Discovery of India” at Nehru Centre, Mumbai.

They performed in “Swarna Mahotsava” along with eminent artistes like Pt. Bhimsen Joshi and Smt. Kishori Amonkar at Mumbai...

“Swarna Mahotsava” was organized by Govt. of India in 4 metro cities to celebrate 50 years of independence of India.

They were invited by the Indo-german society to perform for the unique event called “India Night” in Germany to celebrate 50 years of independence of India.

For the celebration of 25th Khajuraho Dance Festival and 1000 years of Khajuraho temples in the millennium year 2000 Maulik & Ishira were invited to perform again at Khajuraho..

They were two of the few young choreographers invited to the Indo-European Dance Encounter at NCPA - Mumbai, along with eminent choreographer of India and Europe. This event was a part of the German Festival in India.

They were principal dancers of the kathak ballet specially choreographed for the closing ceremony of the festival of India in Russia, held at the Kremlin Theater in Moscow.

President of the both countries were present for this prestigious occasion.

They were invited to share an evening’s performance with Canada’s leading ballet company “Ballet British Columbia”