"....Ishira circled like a springing top producing
the Asian equivalent of Swan Lakes's 32 fouettes. "- DAILY TELEGRAPH - LONDON

"....He has his own particular elan. A smile that reaches to the eyes, a particular edge and crispness to darting hand movements..." - THE GLASGOW HERALD (ENGLAND)


"....There was excellent visualisation by Ishira and Maulik
who were one with their roles." - Indian express - Bombay

"....both these dancers brought a sparkle to dance, perfection
to their body language and ease of interpretation that made it all memorable." - Mid Day

"....Their performance elicited instant admiration & applause...
The well synchronised execution of movements, the chakkars,
the understanding between them and the musicians &
commendable choice of costumes - all this created a
favourable impression. Their dancing was sophisticated and
slik as well as joyous." - Sruti - Cennai

"...Maulik and Ishira make a most winsome and
mutually complimentary dancing duo-a lovely
blend of masculine grace and feminine charm..." - The Times of India - Lucknow

To an Indian to see highly qualified dance like
Maulik and Ishira perform is to see the finest most
delicate ways of expressing love come alive." - Femina

"...dancing is supreme control, the dancers imparted
a musicality to movements. - The Hindu

"....Ishira and Maulik, a dancing couple with a vibrant
stage presence...the lyrical mood now playful now
amorous, depicted by the dancers moved from the
ethereal to the most earthy and back.- The Times of India



"Maulik is a riveting dancer to wathc" - The Hindu

"....The two-hour programme provide that dance
is no more a woman's preserve - the best dancer of
the evening was Maulik Shah, Twinkle, toed, manly and powerful." - The Times of India

"....Maulik Shah's kathak was scintillating. He is tremendously gifted...
this talented Ahmedabadi bowled the audience over with his superb performance." - Mid Day

"....Maulik, himself a handsome dancer, emerges as a ravishing
manmath (God of Love)" - The Times of India

"....Maulik Shah impressed with his adroit foot work,
Some of which were breathtaking." - The Statesman


"....She brought to bear on her performance a delicate artistry
& an overbearing display of virtuousity." - National Herald

"....What a tender story and how piognantly did Ishira
catch the groping unetainty, the tremulous joy,
the tender love and the consequent heartbreak of
the blind heroine!" - The Hindu, New Delhi

".... What was impressive was Ishira's flowing, dliding
understanding of movement and line. With her poised
bearing, she created a fine centre within herself." - Mid Day

"....Exquisite in footwork and movement, a sheer delight
in her glides and full turnabouts with the flare of the skirts,
and charming in her facial expression of joy. Ishira seems
set to dance her way to substantial achievement. " - Times of India